something arabic: basbousa

Eid celebrations mean a lot of deserts this year I decided to make basbousa and it turned out pretty

preparation:1 hour

 sugar syrup:
(Water) 2 Cups
 (Sugar) 2 Cups
-Lemon juice ¼ tsp
-Rose water 1 tsp

- (Eggs) 3
 (Sugar) 1/3 Cup
 (Semolina) 2 Cups
 (Coconut) desiccated 1 Cup
 (Yogurt) 1 Cup
 (All-purpose flour) ½ Cup
-Baking powder 2 tsp
 (Butter) unsalted 2/3 Cup (melted)
-Vanilla essence 1 tsp 
 (Almonds) blanched as required
- (pistachio) chopped as required

For Sugar syrup:
-In saucepan,add water,sugar and mix well,bring it to boil and cook until sugar is dissolved & syrup thickens (4-5 minutes).
-Add lemon juice and rose water,mix well and let it cool.
For Basbousa:
-In bowl,add eggs and sugar,whisk until sugar is dissolved.
-Add semolina,coconut desiccated and yogurt,place sifter,add all-purpose flour & baking powder and sift together.
-Add melted butter and mix well until well combined.
-In the end,add vanilla essence and mix well.
-Grease baking pan with butter,pour batter and spread it and tab baking pan or 2-3 times.
-Decorate the top with whole almonds and let it rest for 30 minutes.
-Grease ramekins with butter,pour batter,set and tab for 2-3 times.
-Bake in preheated at 180 C for 35-45 minutes and turn on top oven grill and bake for another 5 minutes.
-After baking,cut into desired shape and pour sugar syrup while it is still hot.
-Pour sugar syrup in ramekins and sprinkle pistachio.